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At Unionen, we are experts on the rights and working conditions of employees like yourself. Our main mission is to be on hand - through the ups and downs of your working life. We can give you support and advice on anything that concerns your working life and we can also help you negotiate if you have a problem at work that is difficult to solve.

Please note that the information and advice we give you is primarily in Swedish. We can usually give you the same information and advice in English but this does depend on staff availability. Unfortunately, we cannot promise any other languages but please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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Ask Unionen

If there is a Unionen Club at your work, then go to them with any questions that you might have.

If not, then call us on tel: 0770 870 870 or send your comment or question to our advisers. They will be happy to help you and can answer any questions relating to working life.

Legal support - negotiation assistance

The negotiation assistance that Unionen can  offer you can help you solve any conflicts at work or indifferences between you and your employer. As an employee, you are also given the opportunity to influence what goes on at your work.

For example, if you are dismissed from your job or if you and your employer disagree on something then Unionen can start negotiating with your employer on your behalf. In some cases, it is simply necessary for your employer to negotiate with Unionen before a decision can be made. This might also be the case even if there is a collective agreement or a union club at your work. Contact your union club or Unionen’s advisers if you feel that something needs to be negotiated.

If you need help reporting an occupational injury or if your injury has not been approved by the relevant authorities or insurance companies - contact Unionen.

Legal assistance 

A membership of Unionen gives you the possibility - in some cases - of having your case tried in court. As a member of Unionen, the legal assistance we offer will also give you the right to have your case and conditions for starting legal proceedings analysed from a legal perspective.

At Unionen, we pride ourselves on providing generous legal assistance but there is no unconditional right to get that assistance in case of legal proceedings. The prospect of a successful outcome in court will affect your chances of getting legal assistance. This is why every case is considered in line with Unionen Federation Board’s guidelines for legal assistance. One condition for getting legal assistance or your case legally analysed is that Unionen must first have had the opportunity to solve your problem or dispute through negotiations.

Legal assistance means that Unionen will also pay for all your legal costs. This includes paying for both your own legal fees and those of the opposing party if you lose the case. As a member of Unionen, you take no financial risks when trying to get your case heard in court.

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