Membership for self-employed

Is your job your business? With Unionen's membership for the self-employed, starting up and running your own business is more secure, efficient and beneficial.

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You can become a member regardless of the type of company you operate, as long as you only employ family members, have no more than four major owners and primarily perform white collar services. If you are already a member of Unionen, you keep all your benefits, including your qualifying period for income protection insurance.

Unionen Egenföretagare offer access to various services created just for you as an entrepreneur. A vast majority of self-employed people prefer to be their own boss, but sometimes yearn for someone to discuss ideas and decisions with. As a member you can get support and counselling in your everyday business.

Your personal security

Income protection insurance

Supplements your unemployment insurance fund (a-kassa) meaning that you can insure an income of up to SEK 60000/month if unemployed for up to 150 days, around 7 months. Unionen's Income insurance

Health insurance

As a self-employed member of Unionen Egenföretagare, you have the opportunity to take out a health insurance with Bliwa at a member rate. You get help with advice and appointment booking and can quickly receive care from the right specialist. 

Personal insurance

Life insurance, accident insurance, health and diagnosis insurance at a special member's rate. Personal insurance policies with Bliwa

Small business insurance

At a special member's rate (30% discount from Folksam).

Pension offers

Pension advice and a total of 40% discount on the fee. If you have a limited liability company, you also have the opportunity to sign a collective agreement (" hängavtal ") with Unionen and get access to a collective agreement pension ( ITP ). 

Business tools for self-employed

Commercial law advice

1 hr/case, up to 10 hrs per year plus an online tool for creating agreements.

Business coaching

You get free access to business coaches, who with great experience in self-employment and entrepreneurship, coach you in areas such as business development, marketing and sales via our partner Go Monday.

Create your own consulting agreement

As a member of Unionen Egenföretagare, you can create your own business agreements via our partner Lexly. 

Accounting and financial advice

1 hour is included free of charge per year. 

Review of Linkedin profile for self-employed

As a member of Unionen Egenföretagare, we can review and give feedback on your profile on Linkedin free of charge via our partner Go Monday. 

Your own advice

Business advice line

For members or those who want to find out more about membership. +46 (0)771-747 470 or

Membership fee

The standard membership fee is SEK 235/month. If you have a monthly income of less than SEK 25,000 the fee may be lower.

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