Become a work environment representative

As a work environment representative (safety representative), you get a unique opportunity to make the workplace better for everyone. Working with your colleagues, you’ll make sure everyone has a positive experience at work and outside it.

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Improve your workplace. And it’s personal development too!

As a Unionen work environment representative (safety representative), you work to ensure that you and your colleagues are safe and healthy at work. You work with both the psychological and the physical working environment. You are also your manager’s best source of support on work environment management.

Your role as a work environment representative involves

  • Representing your colleagues on work environment issues
  • Keeping an eye on the psychological, organisational and social work environment, which involves the interaction between you and your colleagues and your environment, e.g. stress and victimisation
  • Being alert to the physical work environment. This may concern lighting, ventilation, furnishings and noise, etc.
  • Holding regular meetings with your manager to discuss the work environment at your workplace
  • Participating in systematic work environment management, being involved in risk assessments and being on the workplace safety committee, if there is one
  • Requesting work environment measures in certain situations, and in extreme situations you can even stop work continuing

Skills development too!

The role of work environment representative or chief work environment representative isn’t just good for the workplace. It’s also good for you and your personal development. You gain access to courses that you can attend during paid working hours.

As the link between your employer and your colleagues, you gain practical experience and theoretical knowledge about work environment issues in your workplace. This can benefit you in your current job and in your future career. Unionen’s trade union advisors and your regional office will support you, ensuring that you are comfortable and secure in your role. It is also a useful experience to have on your CV.

Who can be elected as a work environment representative?

Anyone who is a member of Unionen can be elected as a work environment representative by the members at the workplace. The election takes place at a members’ meeting or annual general meeting (AGM). Are you and your colleagues interested in having a work environment representative at work?

Register your interest!

Get in touch with the member advisory service and we’ll tell you more about the role of work environment representatives and other ways to get more union involvement at work.

Already elected as a a work environment representative

Here you will find information about the activities if you have already been elected as a work environment representative.

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