Collective Agreements benefits employers and employees

Peace of mind for staff and rules of play for your industry.

A collective agreement is the easiest way for you as an employer to achieve decent terms and conditions for your most important re­source – your employees. You also observe the rules of play for the Swedish labour market, receive a hallmark of quality and an opportunity to access new markets.

Collaboration always pays in the end. It is the very foundation of the Swedish collective agreement model, with rules of play for each industry in the labour market. A collective agreement provides you as an employer with rules of play that apply in your unique industry and at your particular workplace. A flexible model that focuses on collaboration and on finding joint solutions. With a collective agreement, a business benefits from:

  • Simplicity - Hiring new staff? Great, we know what it’s important to regulate in the employment arrangement so that the company doesn’t have to set up everything itself.
  • Clarity - Creates engagement and sustainable growth with clear rules of play, i.e. everyone knows what applies even before they have commenced employment.
  • Stability - Industry-specific collective agreements provide long-term, stable rules agreed on by employers’ organisations and trade unions in the industry.
  • Satisfaction - With a collectively agreed occupational pension solution, the management fees are extremely competitive, which benefits employees as there is more left over for their pensions.
  • Peace of mind - Support from a job security council for managers and employees in the event of a situation involving redundancies.
  • Hallmark of quality and new business - Many bodies that procure services in the public sector and the world of organisations specify collective agreements as a requirement for their prospective suppliers.

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