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By working together, we can give you greater job security and provide you with more opportunities to develop your career. The support we provide in negotiations and our income protection insurance scheme can give you a little more peace of mind at difficult times. When you are ready, our career programme can help you to take the next step up the career ladder.

This is Unionen

Unionen is Sweden’s largest trade union on the private labour market and the largest white-collar trade union in the world. We have 660 000 members, of which 30 000 are elected representatives, in over 60 000 companies and organizations. Unionen has members in everything from major international Groups to small family companies. Our vision is to create security, success and satisfaction in working life.

Who can be a member of Unionen

All of the white-collar workers at a workplace in the private sector can be members of Unionen irrespective of their post, educational background or level of pay. As Unionen is not linked to any political party we can always pursue policies that, irrespective of political considerations, entail a better working life for our members. Our members work in the manufacturing industry, the wholesale and retail trades, transport and forwarding, research and development, bureaus/contracting, call centres, the construction industry, the forestry and paper industries, telecom, the foodstuffs industry, the media, private dental care and many other sectors.

Join Unionen by calling 0770-870 870 or apply for membership here.

Benefits of membership

Being a member of Unionen brings you a number of benefits.

Membership Terms and Conditions

The statutes of Unionen cover all members. We wish to draw your attention specifically to a couple of things mentioned in the statutes.

As a new member, you are immediately entitled to advice and information from Unionen and after three months you can be represented in negotiations, as long as the matter occurred three months after your application for membership was accepted by Unionen.

Exemptions from the three month rule may be granted if there are special circumstances, for example if Unionen has a fundamental interest in the matter. Exemptions may also be granted if the member is new to the labour market, for example has come directly from being a student, immigrated from another country or some other similar situation. You are immediately entitled to support in negotiations if you are switching directly from membership of another trade union.

Do not forget that you need to be a member of a Swedish unemployment insurance fund, the Unionen unemployment insurance fund or some other, in order to be entitled to our income protection insurance scheme.

If you wish to become a member of the Unionen unemployment insurance fund or any other unemployment insurance fund of your choice, you need to submit a separate application form supplied by the unemployment insurance fund.

Guest membership

Guest Membership is offered to anyone that has been granted a work permit to carry out work in Sweden as a white-collar worker at a workplace in the private sector and who is a citizen

  1. of a country within EU/EEA and Switzerland and is on a posting from your home country for work in Sweden
  2. of a third country

For just SEK 200 you will become a guest member and get quick and professional support concerning all aspects of your working life in Sweden. If you are employed in Sweden, we can also represent you in legal labour issues. Being a guest member immediately entitles you to advice, and after three months entitles you to be represented in negotiations, as long as the matter occurred after your application for membership was accepted by Unionen.

Read more about Guest Membership

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