Guest Membership

Experts on the working conditions in Sweden. We at Unionen know what your rights are and are experts on the working conditions in Swedish business and industry.

Guest membership

We at Unionen know what your rights are and are experts on the working conditions in Swedish business and industry. For just SEK 200 you will become a guest member and get quick and professional support concerning all aspects of your working life in Sweden. If you are employed in Sweden, we can also represent you in legal labour issues.

Being a guest member immediately entitles you to advice, and after three months entitles you to be represented in negotiations, as long as the matter occurred after your application for membership was accepted by Unionen. Guest membership is offered to anyone who has been granted a work permit to carry out work in Sweden and who is a citizen of a country outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland.


Someone to ask

If you need advice and support regarding your work situation, contact us by telephone on 0770-870 870, Mon and Wed between 08:00–20:00. Tue, Thu and Fri between 08:00-17:00. We will also help you if you have any questions, for example:


• How long is my notice period?

• How many hours am I actually allowed to work? 

• What should I do if I feel I am being discriminated against?

• Can I refuse to work overtime?

• What is the average salary in Sweden in my profession?

• What should I do if my employer wants to give me notice of termination?

• What should I do if I do not get paid what I thought I would?

• Am I entitled to sickness benefits if I get ill?

• Am I entitled to holidays?

The Swedish model

The collective agreements form the basis of “the Swedish model” in which the conditions in each sector are determined by the trade unions and employers’ organisations. The government does not interfere, though it may set the boundaries through labour laws, as the trade union and employers’ organisations are responsible. The model combines flexibility for companies with security and influence for employees.

Collective agreements

When you start a new job, you take many of the terms and conditions for granted: pay increases every year, overtime pay, supplementary insurance schemes, the right to exert influence and so on. All of this can be summed up in the term “collective agreement”.

A collective agreement is a voluntary agreement between an employer and its employees regarding their rights in the workplace. If your employer has a collective agreement, you can be safe in the knowledge that there is a good agreement for you that covers your pay, form of employment, working hours, holidays, notice period and much more.

A floor, not a ceiling

The collective agreement provides you and your colleagues with solid, basic security at work, but you or your local trade union branch can of course negotiate even better conditions and higher pay.

Freedom of association in Sweden

An employer cannot say that you are not allowed to join a trade union. The freedom of association that is in force in Sweden gives you the right to freely join a trade union of your choice. It is a violation of your freedom of association if anyone, in any way, tries to prevent you from joining a trade union. You do not have to reply if your employer asks you whether or not you intend to join a trade union.

About Unionen

Unionen is Sweden’s largest private-sector trade union and the largest white-collar trade union in the world. We have more than 600 000 members, of which 36 000 are elected representatives, in over 65 000 companies and organisations. Unionen has members in everything from major international conglomerates to small family companies. Our vision is to create security, success and satisfaction in working life.

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