Other parties whose personal data are processed by Unionen

Within the framework of Unionen’s activities, personal data are processed in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679/EU ("GDPR") and the supplementary Swedish Data Protection Act (2018:218).

This text aims to explain personal data processing for you who:

  • are a party, counterparty or witness in a legal process concerning Unionen and/or Unionen’s members,
  • are an employer’s representative,
  • participate or included in any of Unionen’s campaigns or advocacy,
  • participate in survey organised by Unionen,
  • have given tips for recruiting a new member,
  • have nominated member to award, prize or similar, 
  • participate in or part of a course, education or event organised by Unionen,
  • have applied for a job at Unionen
  • are related to employee at Unionen
  • have applied for work permit
  • sign an agreement with Unionen for supplier services etc., or
  • visit Unionen’s premises.

For processing as described in this information, Unionen, CRN 802001-5759 (hereinafter "Unionen", "we" or "us") are responsible for your personal data .

You will find information below on how Unionen processes personal data on those who are not a member of the union. Your personal data will be treated with care and in accordance with legislative requirements. Unionen considers this both self-evident and a crucial issue of trust. Openness and transparency are keywords regarding our processing of your personal data. We hope that this information text will give you a clear picture of how Unionen processes your personal data, and that this will allow you to feel trust in how we handle your data.

We take a number of measures at Unionen to ensure the protection of your personal data, whether they have been taken directly from you or from another source. Among other measures, we have appointed a data protection officer whose primary task is to ensure that we fully comply with the applicable laws, rules and internal guidelines. You will find contact details for the data protection officer at the end of this information text.

In addition to this general text, under certain circumstances we can provide you with additional or separate information regarding specific personal data processing. In such cases, supplementary information applies in addition to and with precedence over this general text.

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