Introduction for union representatives on club boards

För vem Elected representatives
Aktivitetstyp E-kurs när du vill
Omfattning About 30 minutes
No charge

In this e-course, you will get a short introduction in the role of a union representative in a club.

You will learn how the work of the club may proceed, what roles are included in the board and how cooperation with your employer can be as successful as possible.  

Experienced union representatives will give you tips on how to succeed in your role and where to turn if you have questions or need support. You will also learn about the motivations of other union representatives and reflect on your own motivations and what you want to achieve in your role.

What you will learn

  • What a club board can look like and how the work in a club may proceed 
  • What laws govern your role as a union representative 
  • Your rights and obligations as a union representative 
  • What cooperation with your employer entails 
  • Where to turn when you need support in your role

For whom?

For those who are new to the role of union representative in the club and have not yet attended the Basic Trade Union Course. If you are a workplace representative with a negotiating mandate, you can also benefit from the course.

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