Videos - more about Unionen and the Swedish labour market

Watch our videos (English subtitles) and learn more about Unionen, the difference between a union and the unemployment fund (a-kassa), collective agreements and more.

What's the deal with Unionen?

Find out more about who can be a member and how we are organized.

What's the difference between the union and the unemployment fund (a-kassa)?

Learn how to differentiate between the union and the unemployment fund (a-kassa). 

What is a collective agreement?

The basis of the Swedish model in the labour market. The collective agreement is an agreement between the unionen and the employer.

What is the Swedish model?

Learn more about the cooperation between the unions and the employer organisations - also known as the Swedish model.

What does co- and counterparty mean?

This is what co- and counterparty mean in a union context.

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