Unionen's study grant and literature scholarship have now been phased out

August 31 2021 was the final day for members to complete a previous application.

The phasing out of Unionen's study grant and literature scholarship has been in progress since december 2020 and it has been possible for members to apply until May 31 2021. If you have applied for study grant or literature scholarship before May 31 and then have been informed by Unionen to complete your application you have had the opportunity to do so until August 31 2021.

What is the reason behind the decision to phase out the study grant and the literature scholarship?

At the end of 2019, Unionen’s congress decided to review its activities in order to strengthen its core business and to conduct its work in an economically sustainable manner. As a contribution to the implementation of the congressional decision, these benefits are being phased out of the membership.

Additional reasons for the change:

The benefits have existed since 1999 when funds were set aside in a foundation to strengthen the member's position in the labor market. Now the money is gone and the funds that was set aside in 1999 for this purpose have benefited the members.

In our member surveys, it has emerged that the members value support in negotiation and counseling highly, and this has been even more clear during the pandemic. Therefore Unionen needs to put more energy into meeting these needs.

The need for learning new skills and adjustment remains great among the members. Unionen has contributed to an agreement on job security with Svenskt Näringsliv (the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise), which means a real solution for lifelong learning.

Unionen has also contributed to the support of industry workers to develop skills through EU funding. More information about this can be read at kompetens.nu.

The competence development of the members is a priority issue for Unionen. Aren't the benefits an important part of that work?

Unionen has long pursued the issue of skills development for its members politically, as skills are an important piece of the puzzle in job security. Study grants and literature scholarships have benefited members, but at the same time the scope has been limited.

What lies is in the parties' agreement provides greatly improved financial and practical opportunities for training during working life.

What is in the parties' agreement is so much broader and will have a greater effect. It provides greatly improved financial and practical opportunities for training during working life - both for those who have a job and for people who are between jobs. In addition, fixed-term employees are covered, which is a great success.

How will the decision to discontinue the student grant / literature scholarship affect student membership?

Student membership, which includes a literature scholarship, is affected by the discontinuance.

Student membership is important for students, who through the membership get the right to advice and negotiation help from day one. Furthermore, the member also builds up the qualifying period for the Union's income insurance for future working life.

Membership in Unionen Student also includes advice in career issues such as CV review service or professional career counseling. When the student then exchanges studies for a job, he or she can take advantage of a discount on the regular membership fee, where the entire first year as a professional costs SEK 100.

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