Members’ meeting

Successful trade union work often depends on committed members participating in discussions and decisions. This means that one of your jobs as a union representative is to facilitate dialogue and engagement. Members’ meetings are important to achieving this.

Invite Unionen members in the workplace to members’ meetings at least once a year. Use this opportunity to talk about the most important issues in your workplace. It’s a good idea to hold members’ meetings in a lunch break or coffee break at work if you think this will make it easier for more people to attend.

Advertise the meeting

Make sure everyone receives the invitation in good time, and distribute it in places where you know the information will reach members, for example by logging in to Mitt uppdrag (My role) and sending an invitation. This means the members will see what you have published in their news stream. You can also put up a poster in the coffee room. Advertising the meeting increases potential attendance.

Read about the practical digital tools available to you as a union representative

You could use our poster. There is also a letter template for you to use.

Hold the meeting

A good meeting is one where everyone has the opportunity to get involved and voice their opinion – and where everyone is able to have their say.

Present the activities you are planning for the year ahead. If the plan is not complete, this can be a good opportunity to discuss the activities with the members.

Use the meeting to recruit new members. The aim of Unionen’s recruitment is to increase our numbers so that together we can improve our workplaces and gain greater influence at work. Always have recruitment material at hand when you have meetings. You never know if an interested prospective member is nearby.

Mitt Uppdrag (My role)

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