Compensation in the event of a dispute and strike action

Different forms of compensation are available if there is an overtime ban, strike or lockout. You can find information about the compensation available in different situations below.

This is dispute compensation

In the case of an overtime ban, the employer pays employees’ salaries as usual and you will not receive any dispute compensation. In the event of a strike or lockout, the employer does not pay employees’ salaries. If you are a member of Unionen, it will pay you compensation for loss of income.

Dispute compensation is the compensation paid by Unionen to you as a member for loss of income when you and your workplace are affected by a strike or lockout.

The Union Board (Unionen's förbundsstyrelse ) decides on the rules for the compensation applicable for every dispute. Its aim is to ensure that if you are a member and are affected by a dispute, you will receive financial compensation and your pay before payroll deductions by your employer.

Compensation based on your income

The compensation that you receive is based on your fixed gross salary in cash at the start of the dispute. The same basis applies to both monthly and hourly pay. Read more about compensation in the instructions in the dispute compensation form.


Dispute compensation is exempt from tax by law. It should therefore be equal to your loss of income after tax, calculated for the full year of income. Unionen calculates compensation in accordance with income tax scale 32.

Becoming a member during a notice period

You can become a member of Unionen during a notice period up until the start of a dispute. If you do, you may be eligible for dispute compensation. If you are not a member, you will not receive dispute compensation from Unionen in the event of a dispute.

Applying for dispute compensation online

To ensure that your claim is processed as quickly as possible, you can apply for dispute compensation online here on

The service is in Swedish and if you are involved in an ongoing dispute at your workplace, you can easily apply for dispute compensation after logging in.

Note: this function is only available to you if there is a dispute at your workplace.

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