Study Support

When you, as a working member, wish to improve your professional skills and strengthen your position in the job market, you may be entitled to as much as SEK 3,325 per term for costs such as course fees, literature and materials.

You are entitled to apply if you are a member and fulfil certain criteria

If you are a working member of Unionen, you can apply for a study grant for course fees dated after the qualification period of 6 months, i.e. from the seventh month of your membership. Those who have been a working member of another trade union for at least 6 months and have transferred directly to Unionen can apply for a grant for course fees dated from your first day of membership in Unionen, on provision of proof of membership from your previous trade union. The same rules apply to Unionen Self-employed, Unionen Manager and Guest Members

You can apply for the following

We reimburse fees for teacher-led courses that develop your professional skills and strengthen your position in the job market.

You can have your expenses reimbursed for course fees, literature and materials that the provider of the course certifies that you need for the course/study programme in question. 

You can apply for study support for the spring, summer and autumn terms. pply for study support from Unionen

Step 1

Download, print out and complete the form study support application. Before completing the form, please read through the FAQs below regarding applying for study support.

Step 2

Send your application, together with original receipts or invoices and proof of payments from your bank, course certificates and literature/materials lists, to

Unionens Studiestöd
FE 10110
838 78 Frösön 

Please note! Application handling time: Approx. 3 weeks. During december to february the handling time can be a few weeks longer. Log in and choose "Mina uppgifter" and "Mitt studiestöd" to see the current status of your application.

Learn more about our terms and conditions: 

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