Membership fee for self-employed

Information about the membership fee for self-employed members in Unionen.

New fee model from October 2021

Starting October 2021 you will pay membership fee in relation to your monthly income. The standard membership fee is SEK 235/month. If you have a monthly income of less than SEK 25,000 the fee may be lower. If you have questions please contact us at 0771-747 470 or

Membership fee for self-employed until 30 September 2021

Until the end of September 2021 self-employed members will pay two fees; a membership fee and a service charge. The membership fee is paid for the personal content of the membership, while the company pays the service charge for the services and benefits it derives use from.

Membership fee Service charge
SEK 125/month SEK 200/month excl. VAT

Until the end of September 2021 brand-new members and members who have been granted a start-up grant will receive a discount on the service charge. Starting October 1st, all members will pay the ordinary fee according to the fee table at the top of this page. The exception is those who transfer from a Unionen Student membership and become a member after their studies. They will receive a discount and pay only SEK 100 the first year.

This is how the fee is paid

Membership fee

You can pay the membership fee via direct debit, e-invoice or bankgiro.

More on how to pay the membership fee

Your payment history

You can access the payment details, your payment history and remaining payments if you log in.

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