The self-employed are welcome as members

Unionen is Sweden’s largest trade union for employees and self-employed. You can become a member if you are a white-collar worker on the private labour market.

Self-employed without employees

You are welcome to apply for a Unionen membership for self-employed, if you are self-employed without employees.

If you already have an employment, in addition to running your own business, you need to contact us for help regarding registration of your employment. If you are employed within Unionen’s unionised sphere, Unionen may also represent you e.g. in negotiations at your workplace. Read more about the representation in negotiations

Terms and conditions of self-employed membership

  • All corporate forms including sole proprietor
  • No employees with the exception of partners and family members
  • No more than four partners of equal size
  • OK to become a member before you start your company
  • Primarily carry out white-collar tasks within Unionen’s unionised sphere

Terms and conditions of membership in Unionen

All members are covered by Unionen’s statutes. We want to draw your attention to a couple of things in particular that are brought up in the statutes.

  • You need to be a member of a Swedish unemployment insurance fund (a-kassa), like Unionens a-kassa to be reimbursed from the income protection insurance.
  • If you want to become a member of Unionens unemployment insurance fund (Unionens a-kassa), you need to send in a separate application to join it.
  • The period of notice for membership is generally as of the end of the second month after Unionen has received your written application to leave, during which time you pay the membership fee.

Become a member

Apply here to become a new member

Are you already a member of Unionen but running your own business?
If you are a member of Unionen and want to be converted to a self-employed member you can log in and register your own company. 

Please observe: If you are still employed in addition to running your own company, you need to contact us for help, before you register your company on our site. 

Log in and register your company

Do you run a business with employees?

If you run your own business with employees you are welcome to Unionen’s membership for managers – Unionen Chef. This is possible if you are a white-collar worker on the private labour market.

If you already are a self-employed member of Unionen and want to become a member in Unionen Chef, you can change your membership to one in Unionen Chef. Instead of the self-employed benefits you will get access to the specific courses and webinars for managers. Everything about Unionen Chef and how you become a member

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