Membership fee

As a member of Unionen you pay the membership fee in relation to your income. As a new member the membership fee is based on your income when you join.

First three months are for free *

* For you as a new member of Unionen.

What does membership cost for you as a working member?

Unionen is the trade union for all white-collar employees in the private sector. Many of us are e.g. project managers, engineers, administrators, economists, communications officers, IT consultants or sales reps.

Managers, the self-employed and students can also join Unionen. If, however, you work for the state or the municipality – or if you aren't a white-collar employee – you should join a different trade union. Read more at who can become a member and terms and conditions.

Membership fee for students

Student membership is for those studying at college or university who have not previously been a working member of Unionen.

  • SEK 100 for your entire study period
    As a student member you pay SEK 100 for membership that covers your entire study period, regardless of how long you decide to study.
  • SEK 100 the entire first year after you have been a student member
    As a previous student member the fee is substantially reduced in your first year as a working member, and you pay just SEK 100 for your first 12 months.

Membership fee for the self-employed

As a member of Unionen Egenföretagare (Self-employed) you pay two fees: a union fee and a service fee. You pay the union fee personally and the service fee is paid by the company. If you have questions please contact us at 020-743 743 or Opening hours Monday – Friday, 09.00–17.00.

Temporarily reduced fee

If you experience a temporary fall in your income, your membership fee can be reduced during this period. In order to have your fee reduced, your total income must be lower than the income on which we based your ordinary fee for a period of at least three months. If you have questions please contact us at 0770-870 870. Opening hours for union advice Monday – Friday, 09.00–17.00, for membership and invoicing issues Monday – Friday, 09.00–16.00.

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