Member of Unionen - processing of your personal data

Here you get information about how we process your data as a member of the Union. Your personal data is needed to process your application for membership as well as to handle ongoing questions during membership.


When you apply to become a member of Unionen, you submit your details, such as name, contact details, personal identity number, details of employer, salary, etc. This information is needed to process your application for membership as well as to handle ongoing questions during membership.

The information you provide in your membership application constitutes or may constitute personal data according to the EU Data Protection Regulation 2016/679/EU (“GDPR”) and the Swedish supplementary data protection act (2018:218). Other personal data about you may also be processed during membership.

For the processing described in this information, it is Unionen, org. no. 802001-5759 (hereinafter "Unionen", "we" or "us") who is responsible for personal data.

Information on personal data processing by Unionen Medlemsförsäkring AB, org. no. 516401-6791, ("Unionen Medlemsförsäkring") can be read at the link below (in Swedish).

Unionen takes your privacy very seriously. That your personal data is treated with care and in accordance with the requirements set by legislation is a given and a central matter of trust for Unionen. Openness and transparency are watchwords for our processing of your personal data. By taking part in this information text, we therefore hope that you will get a clear picture of how we process your data as a member, and thereby feel secure that we handle your data with care.

Within Unionen, we take several precautions to ensure the protection of your personal data, regardless of whether it is collected directly from you or from someone else. Among other things, we have appointed a data protection officer whose primary task is to check that we really comply with the laws, regulations and internal guidelines that apply. Contact details for the data protection officer can be found at the end of this information.

In addition to this general information text, we may, under certain circumstances, provide you with additional or separate information about certain personal data processing. In that case, such supplementary information applies in addition to and with priority over this general information text.


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