The Swedish collective agreement model

For whom Elected representatives
Activity type E-kurs när du vill
Duration About 20 minutes
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F-marked The course is F-marked, which means that you, as an elected official, can attend the course with your salary. Remember to have a dialogue with your employer well in advance.

This is an introduction, in English, to the Swedish collective agreement model, Swedish labor law and collective agreements. 

You will get a presentation of the history of the Swedish collective agreement model and the developments until today. Unionen is part of the Swedish collective agreement model which is Unionen’s key tool for ensuring security and influence in the workplace. 

The course takes about 20 minutes.

What you will learn

  • To understand the Swedish collective agreement  (Swedish part model), Swedish labor law and the collective agreement
  • The history behind the Swedish collective agreement model and how it has grown into what it is today
  • The main labor laws
  • Important content of a collective agreement

For whom?

Members and representatives.

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