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Datum och ort 28 september 2019 4 tim Malmö
Sista anmälningsdag 19 september 2019

Want to change society? Join an inspirational morning of short talks with Unionen on how you can make a difference for others and yourself.

Do something. Together.

Unions play a bigger part in democracy and societal issues than you might realise. This is a chance to interact and listen to a number of engaging short talks about the possibilities for change, not only in your workplace but also for society at large.

Let’s meet up at Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live on the 28th of September.

Get on board!

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Practical information

Date: 28th of September

Time: 9.00-13.00 (breakfast from 8.30)

Venue: Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live

Price: Free

Food: Breakfast and lunch included. Breakfast will be vegetarian/vegan and lunch will be vegan.

Food allergies: Please let us know by 19th of September if you have any food allergies. Leave a comment for us when you sign up.

Language: Most of the talks will be in English. Unionen staff on site speak both Swedish and English.

Questions: If you have any questions feel free to email


8.30  Have breakfast and do some mingling

9.00  How does Unionen play its part in society? (Henrik Ehrenberg, Policy Director, Unionen)

9.20  Youth on the move- Get connected, make a difference! (Mickaela Svensson & Carina Ekstrand Hansen, Ung Arena)

9.40  Global impact- From Unionen youth representative to Geneva and the UN (Maria Hansson, Operations Developer, Folkuniversitetet)

9.50  Transforming IKEA- Challenges and collaboration (Peter Almqvist, Union Representative, Inter IKEA Group)


10.20  Massive engagement at Massive Entertainment (Dianna Lora, Collaboration Coordinator, Massive Entertainment/Ubisoft)

10.30  Work without boundaries- Research frontline (Roger Persson, Associate Professor, Institution for Psychology, Lund University)

11.00  Choose from 3 short talks:

  •  Pension- Why I should worry, why I should not (Eng)
  •  How is your self-esteem? (Swe)
  •  The membership- what do you get? (Swe)

11.15  Choose from 3 new short talks:

  •  The mentorship programme (Swe)
  •  Union engagement in practice (Swe) 
  •  Is my employer responsible for tackling stress? (Eng)


11.50  Where do we go now?- Panel and audience discussion

12.30  Eat lunch and get to know us

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