Basic course for trade union representatives

Målgrupp Förtroendevald
F-märkt Kursen är F-märkt, vilket innebär att du, som förtroendevald, får gå kursen med bibehållen lön. Tänk på att meddela din arbetsgivare senast två veckor i förväg.

The course will help you get started with your assignment and contains the basic knowledge you need to attend Unionens other courses. A knowledge base that all elected representatives should have. We explore the different union areas through discussions, case studies and lectures.

From the content

  • The Swedish parts model in working life: parties, roles, rights and obligations, collective agreement
  • Impact through negotiations: various types of negotiations, cooperation with the Co-decision Act and the Work Environment Act, change processes
  • Collective agreement: collaboration law and agreement, public employment conditions, wage agreements and wage work

Target group

Elected representatives (förtroendevald)


The course is “F-märkt”, which means that you, as an elected representative, can attend the course with retained salary. This in relation to the provisions of the Trade Union Representatives (Status at the Workplace) Act. Remember to notify your employer not later than two weeks in advance.


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